$10 deposit per rabbit payable through PayPal, money order, company or certified check only; 50% non-refundable deposit for canceled sales of breeding stock and show.

Rabbits purchased for:

  • Breeding Stock & Show: $35 per rabbit
  • Meat: $2.99 per pound live weight; fryers 12 weeks and younger – roasters 13 weeks and older

Pedigrees available for additional $15 fee.

Shipping is not available; must come to the farm for pick up.

Retired rabbits or those rejected for our breeding program are occasionally available for pets – fee to be determined.

Pig Share

How It Works…

1.  Purchase piglet from Deschamps Farm, LLC
2.  Piglet resides at Deschamps Farm, LLC we raise it for you
3.  We notify you when your pig has reached 150 – 250lb
4.  You select a processor and we deliver

Piglet purchase price $100
$3.50 per lb live weight; Half & Whole shares available
$100 deposit required*;  non-refundable after 9/16/2017 
Delivery to processor: $45 additional fee up to 50 miles and $1 per mile thereafter
Cull Fee $35
Processing fee will vary based on your selection, cuts, and smoking


Remaining balance due 9/16/2017

Referrals for processors and smoking available as Deschamps Farm, LLC does not currently process meat.