Deschamps Farm

One of our Californians


Quaintly nestled in the Hamlet of Brainard we offer rabbit meat & pig shares raised on locally grown hay and antibiotic free diets.

Our family started homesteading in 2008 to see if growing and raising foods in small quantities without pesticides, fungicides, and antibiotics would have a positive affect on our health…guess what? It did! Learn from our personal experiences with allergies and asthma; we want your family to experience the same and thus Deschamps Farm, LLC began.

Fun Facts:

Prior to and during the food rationing of WWII, rabbit was common place on America’s dining table and is a wonderful source of low cholesterol and low sodium nutrition.

A female rabbit can produce up to 180 – 220lbs of meat a year on far less resources compared to raising the same in beef with much less harmful impact on the environment.

Currently raising Californians and Champagne d’Argents for show, breed, and meat.

Coming Soon: eggs, produce and honey.

Sign up for 2017 CSA & Pig shares begin in January 2017.

Mailing Address:
Deschamps Farm, LLC
2032 US Highway 20
Nassau, NY 12123

Phone: 518-794-9494

Visits by Appointment Only


Current Memberships:

American Rabbit Breeders Association

Registration: Deschamps Farm Rabbitry

NY Farm Bureau

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